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About Dr.Master Design Atelier (#DMDARU)

Who are we?

We are a team of professionals: designers, artists and engineers.
We love and know how to design furniture and interior or exterior items, work with wood and light, glass and paints.

Our Slogan

Quality, slow, luxure.

Why so?
Because You've been using our work for decades and inherited it. We create Traditions together.


We love our work and are responsible for the quality of our products.
Each of our products is provided with a branded tag and it is signed by those who did it.


You - our Customer - unique people, with their habits and characteristics. We design and create unique furniture and interior items especially for you. We design based on the characteristics of your home, your height and weight, your habits and "how convenient it is for me", how you move around your apartment or house, your motor skills and your ideas about how you want to see a wardrobe, a table, a chair or a stained glass window.


We manufacture furniture and interior items ONLY from solid wood: larch, oak, beech, birch, pine.
For covering of products we use stains and paints on a natural basis.

We are grateful to You

You - our Customer - unique people and we are grateful that You place your orders in the design Studio Dr.Master.
Coming to us with your desires and implementing them with our high quality specialists, You create jobs, developing the economy and production.

Why Dr.? Isn't that short for a PhD?

Yeah, right. In our team a few doctors and candidates of Sciences, and believe me, they can not only “stand at the Board” and to be “theorists”, but also qualitatively “to twist nuts”.
Because we are practitioners.

Made in Russia

Yes, all the products and projects design atelier Dr.Master made in Russia. And we are proud of it.
Yes, we have customers in different countries, but even executing the order for North or South America or Asia, we still say that it is made in Russia.


Moscow Branch

Phone: +7 977 8366365.
Dear Customers! We kindly ask you to pre-arrange the time of your visit.


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